We create concepts for adaptive architecture and its life-cycle management.

RECONFIXX’s concept unfold the future of architecture that requires higher and faster adaptivity, using modules that can self-assembly into desired spatial configurations. Leveraging the automation and intelligence technologies developed from the PhD dissertation (2020) by Jan Petrs, RECONFIXX delivers modular reconfigurable robotics solution that anticipates the potential of adaptive architecture and its life-cycle management.


Our vision is to achieve sustainable future through self-reconfigurability.

Currently, system prototypes are being further adopted into use cases. RECONFIXX aims to break free from conventional principles, aiming to make diversified spaces more accessible and affordable for an ever-changing world. Our vision is to achieve sustainable future through self-reconfigurability.

Dr. Jan Petrš

Jan is a researcher, architect, and inventor. He is the author of MoleMOD (self-reconfigurable system with shareable actuators) which is a base for Reconfixx technologies. During his doctoral studies, he also gained experiences in soft robotics and biocomposites. In RECONFIXX he is responsible for strategy, technology development and product design.

Head of Business Strategy
Silvia Wu

Silvia is an architect and communication specialist. She owns cross-disciplinary knowledge in integrated building system design as well as technology and innovation management. In RECONFIXX she is responsible for business strategic development and operational issues.

Head of Software Solutions

Jiří Petrš

Jiří is a computer scientist, programmer and IT specialist focused on Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. He has experience in the complete life cycle of developing software. In RECONFIXX he takes on the task of developing software and system control.

Head of Engineering Solutions
Sanoop Siby

Sanoop is a research associate specializing in civil engineering, FEA, and pneumatics. In RECONFIXX he takes responsibility for analysis and engineering including material configurations and robotic engineering capabilities.

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